Elements & Modes of Action

Local gemstones

Familiamus stones

Familiamus stones are stream stones that we have collected at special places of energy in the Val di Fundres and Valle Vizzes. They carry the elemental power of nature within them.


The violet colour of amethyst releases blockages and inhibitions. It strengthens consciousness, calms the mind and provides a deep inner peace as negative energies are dissolved. It also has a calming effect, helps against stress, conveys justice and promotes spirituality and knowledge. It refreshes and clears the mind, increases concentration, aids in cleansing the body and helps to alleviate skin disorders.

Rock crystal

Rock crystal can be used universally. This large healing stone dissolves blockages and harmonises the energy system. It gives strength, vitality, creates clarity, organises thoughts and awakens the spirit of life. It promotes self-knowledge and perception and helps one feel better. Rock crystals strengthen the nerves, calm and harmonise the body, mind and soul.


Garnet gives confidence, provides support and promotes trust in yourself. It helps to allow and show feelings, helps to quench a thirst for knowledge and supports creativity. Garnet gives zest for life and provides energy. Physically, it strengthens the heart, stabilises the circulatory system, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the activity of the kidneys, liver and spleen and supports self-healing powers.


Moonstone strengthens intuition and intensifies feelings. This increases empathy and promotes love. It stands for sensitivity, for interpersonal sensitiveness and for harmony. Moonstone provides vitality, cheerfulness and balance and gives a youthful radiance.

Black tourmaline (schorl)

Black tourmaline (schorl) is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies and is used for grounding. It supports thinking clearly and rationally and promotes the pursuit of harmony, clarity and serenity. Schorl is used to stimulate the flow of energy, whereby it can compensate for both excess and lack of energy. Black tourmaline is an excellent helper during stress.

Essential oils

Essential fennel oil

The sweet, mildly warm fennel scent improves perception, strengthens the core, promotes alertness and is relaxing and calming. Physically, the oil has a regenerating and firming effect, strengthens the connective tissue, helps with dry skin, is anti-convulsant, promotes digestion and helps against flatulence.

Essential pine oil

The scent of trees supports inner alignment, gives courage and strength. It is constructive, revitalising and strengthens the psyche. Physically, stone pine oil stimulates blood circulation, deepens breathing and increases the oxygen saturation in the blood.

Essential juniper oil

The strong, herbaceous scent supports listlessness, weakness or mental fatigue. It is strengthening, clarifying and energising. Physically, it has a draining, cleansing, disinfecting and revitalising effect.

Essential lavender oil

Lavender strengthens the soul, is calming, relaxing, harmonising, mood-enhancing and promotes a peaceful, deep sleep. It is also physically antibacterial, antispasmodic, analgesic and soothes itching.

St. John’s wort oil

St. John’s wort is the sun plant of the Celts. It has a mood-enhancing, relaxing, calming, nerve-strengthening effect and is balsam for the soul. Physically, it is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and wound healing. It helps with burns, scars, muscle strains and strains.


The scent of spruce is energising, clears thoughts and supports meditation. Physically, the oil promotes blood circulation, expectorates, disinfects, strengthens the immune system and is anti-rheumatic.

Mountain pine

The scent is refreshing, nerve-strengthening, clears thoughts and cleans the air. Mountain pine has a pain-relieving, blood circulation-enhancing and expectorant effect. It also strengthens the immune system and the respiratory tract.

Lemon balm

The refreshing scent helps with nervousness and has a mood-balancing effect. Lemon balm provides security, has a calming effect and creates an atmosphere of lightness. It also has an antiviral, antiseptic effect and stimulates the metabolism.


Mint clears and refreshes the mind, supports concentration and strengthens the nerves. Physically, it has a stimulating, invigorating, cooling, circulation-enhancing, pain-relieving, anti-spasmodic effect and increases the immune system.

Rose geranium

The rose-like scent has a harmonising, balancing, calming, encouraging effect and supports communication. Physically, it has an astringent, antibacterial effect and promotes cell regeneration.


The strong, herbaceous scent supports listlessness, weakness or mental fatigue. It is strengthening, clarifying and energising. Physically, it has a draining, cleansing, disinfecting and revitalising effect.


The herbal scent conveys purity and clarity of mind, it organises, straightens up, promotes concentration and inspires without going too far. Physically, it has an invigorating, antispasmodic, expectorant and blood pressure regulating effect.

Local medicinal plants


Arnica is a mountain plant whose sunny yellow colour sparkles with energy. It is invigorating, regenerating, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the circulatory system and has an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.


The light tree of the Celts stands for new beginnings, purity, strength and life. It is invigorating, refreshing and clears the mind. Physically, it has a moisturising and draining effect, helps against oedema, is antibacterial, promotes metabolism and helps with cell renewal.


It strongly stimulates the metabolism, invigorates all cells, has a pain-relieving, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory effect and helps with phlebitis.


The protective plant of the Celts protects against all evil. Its nettle hairs serve as protection for the stinging nettle and so its extract also protects our body from fungi and bacteria. It also reduces itching, stimulates blood circulation, is diuretic, stimulates the metabolism, detoxifies, is anti-inflammatory and protects against free radicals.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut stimulates blood circulation, is a tonic for the veins, is vascular sealing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, tissue strengthening, helps against oedema, heavy legs and rheumatism.

Native woods & salt

Stone pine wood of the staves

The Swiss stone pine grows in the mountains and is known as the “Queen of the Alps”. It has to deal with severe weather conditions which makes it hardy and strong. Its wood passes on this power and strength during the massage. Pine wood also has a calming effect and lowers the pulse.

Mountain salt

It consists of sodium chloride and trace elements, it is particularly rich in iron oxide, which has a positive effect on the oxygen supply in the body. Sodium regulates the fluid and acid-base balance in the body. It ensures that the body fluids remain in the cells and so the body remains compact. In addition, salt is an essential building block for nerve and muscle function.