Outdoor paradise for kids & teens

Hotel with petting farm in South Tyrol

Make the world more colorful

Here courage and curiosity grow, new worlds connect, magic sizzles – at Familiamus you are part of our enchanting story. Whether you are an explorer, adventurer, treasure hunter or researcher – set off for a special place full of unique experiences, games, and fun. Behind every corner of our outdoor area hides a secret that wants to be revealed: explore our magician’s enchanted castle, let of some energy in the large playground, let yourselves grow wings and make new friends in our hotel with petting zoo in South Tyrol.

Discover magical
moments as …

A magical outdoor time for …

Journey of discovery

For kids

Go on a journey of discovery, feel fascination, solve riddles, and see our world from a new perspective. Have you ever seen a marble run with a watercourse? Under our sun pavilion you can try out great experiments with our play elements – let your imagination run wild! Our surrounding spacious, safe meadows invite you to play, do cartwheels, romp to your heart’s content, and catch unique dandelions.

Outdoor playground


For kids

Experience an adventure, test your abilities, jump over your own shadow, and unfold. Dashing down the two slides, across the hill. Over and over again – who will set the highest slide record? All kinds of magical attractions await you at the large sand playground: climb, balance and discover much more – Have you already seen Magolix’s castle?


For kids

Practicing mindfulness, releasing potential, and observing living creatures. At our Familiamus- farm not only bunnies are looking forward to your visit, but also other interesting animals. At the same time, learn how to take care of the magical furry noses. Maybe you even want to adopt an animal? If you want to dive even deeper into our animals world, you can visit our Familiamus farm and make friends with our sensitive horses through a pony ride (from 3 years of age) or a private riding lesson (from 6 years of age) .

Petting Zoo


For Teens

Experience lightness and freedom, have fun and let go. Clear your head, feel the wind in your face and jump higher and higher – Our FlatGround trampolines will give you wings (for a short time)! Tip: With the self-timer of your cell phone camera, you can take the funniest photos. Wanna bet?



For Teens

Gather new self-confidence, jump over your own shadow, dare something new. Breathe in, breathe out, pull yourself up from grip to grip – our climbing wall can awaken many hidden talents. Who knows what magical talents hide inside you. Whether it’s climbing or our varied action program – it’s time for a “burst of courage”. Set yourself magical challenges.

Outgrowing overselves - climbing wall


For Teens

Show feelings, build up a unique relationship with the animals, respect nature. Did you know that horses can sense your feelings? Even those that you would prefer to hide. Whether we refer to the small animals at our Familiamus farm or the sensitive horses in our Familiamus farm – animals do us good. Come visit our four-legged friends and get to know them better on a pony ride or during a private riding lesson. Learn not only how to behave with them during various theme weeks, but also discover more about yourself, your emotional world, and your actions.

Time to bloom - horses

Time out

For Adults

Recharge your batteries, fill up with new energy, collect memories together. Sit back, relax, give yourself a little space – on our rooftop terrace, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad can always keep an eye on their little and older kids in summer. The Magolix-Club also likes to spend time outdoors in the sunny months, as playing outside, in the fresh alpine air, is one of the most fabulous experiences. Shhh! Not being a child anymore doesn’t mean you can’t play too. Together with your kids and their new friends, you might see the world in a whole, new magical way.