Treatments & massages in South Tyrol

Feel nature on your body

Stones have a very special magic about them.
They not only play a very special part in the origins of our family hotel, but are also omnipresent in the Familiamus SPA area: Crystals from the local mountains, such as amethyst, rock crystal, granite, tourmaline and moonstone bestow a unique character on our wellness and well-being applications. Nature also enters the room in the form of local woods from our forests, such as staves, balls and cones made of spruce, stone pine, larch or pine.

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For our expertly compiled wellness treatments we use exclusively organic certified natural cosmetics from South Tyrol. Together with Phyto Art we stand strongly and determined for quality, sustainability, well-being and effectiveness. Phyto Art is free from PEC, parabens, perfumes, dyes, it is not tested on animals and is dermatologically tested. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and increasingly plastic-free. For our products we also use plants, which are to be found in Maranza and in our sensory garden.

Our goal is to transport you to our magical world full of gentleness, serenity and lightness. A world where you are the one taking centre stage. Your body. Your feelings and your beauty. That’s why we started looking for a partner accompaining us that will allow you to feel our magic up close. We found what we were looking for and are glad to introduce you to Maria Galland. Expect cuddly beauty moments at the Familiamus with the French premium beauty line.

Our magical treatments and rituals can be booked directly at the Spa reception or at our Main reception.

A journey into becoming and into being

We are all travellers.
Migratory birds, who follow an inner map. Adventurers, who never tire, who are ready to discover new perspectives. Vagabonds, who boldly follow their dreams. Globetrotters, who between the lines roam through so many cultures. With unforgettable memories taken with you that never fade. Magical glimpses that last forever. We are always passing through, but do we ever really arrive?

In the Familiamus SPA area you travel without any ballast.
Your soul, your spirit, your internal self are able to travel. Back to your roots, to your inner child and the primal power of all being.

Open your heart up to a very special, magical journey.

Carefulness. Courage. Enthusiasm. Serenity. Connectedness.
Five stones. Five treatment rituals. A thoroughly magical wellness experience.

Carefulness with yourself and the environment –
back to the core of yourself

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro

By means of slow, thorough movements during the full body massage with fennel oil, every part of the body is treated and consciously perceived. The intensive abdominal massage strengthens the endogenous core and guides the attention towards the inside. The subsequent feel-good nest with the warm Familiamus stones intensifies the perception and the face massage with amethyst frees the mind.

Amethyst Nummulite

Familiamus ritual


Courage, exploit potential –
has a strengthening and invigorating effect

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro

The main focus of this Familiamus massage is in the straightening of the back. It opens the shoulder girdle, loosens the neck area and has a beneficial effect on posture, body and mind. With the garnet ball and the pine staves, the increased blood flow activates the connective tissues and prepares them for the subsequent intensive massage. The herbal oil made from arnica and stone pine supports the regeneration of the muscles.


Familiamus ritual


Draw enthusiasm & energy –
vitality, gather strength

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro

The juniper foot bath at the beginning works in a balancing, stimulating way and prepares the body for the invigorating treatment. The dynamic leg massage will promote blood circulation and relax the muscles. The subsequent leg wrap with local medicinal plants such as mint, birch, dandelion and nettle is a Kneipps’application, by means of which a revitalising effect is applied to the whole body. The coolness of the wrap and the heat generated afterwards invigorate both body and mind. The flow of energy in the body is increased by stimulating the feet at the reflex points with the rock crystal rod.

Rock crystal rod

Familiamus ritual


Serenity, inner peace – deep relaxation

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro

Warm “Familiamus stones” and fresh schorl crystals are placed all over the body and the gentle massage movements ensure deep relaxation. With this full body massage inner peace and serenity are achieved. The schorl crystals support grounding and stimulate the flow of energy. The power of the sun of St. John’s wort and lavender relax, calm the mind and are balsam for the soul.


Familiamus ritual


Connectedness – Harmony “Anam Cara” soul mate

Time for two (couple application)

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro p. p.

This is a special full body massage with an individual scent. After selecting the fragrance, the arm and heart region is stimulated with an emotional massage warm Familiamus stones and the moonstone. The heart opens and is brought into harmony. Finally, the left arm is massaged up to the heart with the individual scent of the partner.


Familiamus ritual


The journey into small and big happiness

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where does the path to Magic wonderland lead? By the way! You found it, this magical place, when you are never too old to be young. The little ones among you can be comforted by gentle caresses, while kids and teens up to 14 years go on a journey through time and discover completely new wellness worlds. The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – only much, much better.

Baby massage with Mum or Dad

approx. 20 minutes | 60 Euro

Step by step, parents or grandparents learn how to gently massage their darling babies to support the baby’s body awareness.

Chocolate Massage

approx. 20 minutes | 35 Euro

The special chocolate oil delights children’s hearts. The gentle touches of the massage calm kids down and the scent of chocolate makes them feel happy.

Honey oil Massage

approx. 20 minutes | 35 Euro

The children are gently and lovingly massaged with honey oil. Switching off and relaxing is the order of the day. Propolis in honey oil supports the immune system and the sweet scent of honey gives warmth and serenity.

Deep relaxation with sound and stones

approx. 20 minutes | 35 Euro

Leave everyday school life behind you – this is possible with the vibrations of the sound bowl and the laying on of warm Familiamus stones.

Butterfly peeling for teens

approx. 20 minutes | 35 Euro

The peeling is applied with a brush like a butterfly flaps its wings. The face cream is then gently massaged into the skin.

Facial treatment for teens

approx. 50 minutes | 65 Euro

After deep cleansing of the skin, a mask and mild care, teens receive individual advice on how to get the skin’s balance going again during puberty.

Care for hands and feet for teens

approx. 50 minutes | 60 Euro

Manicure with suitable nail polish
Pedicure with suitable nail polish

Magic Togetherness

20 Min | 95 Euro

Our parent-child massage is a special moment of connection and love with your little one. The gentle massage with natural products will relax and regenerate you in a peaceful atmosphere.

Teen Massage

50 Min | 90 Euro

Relax and enjoy a well-deserved break with our teen massage, which revitalizes the senses and relaxes the muscles!

The journey into yourself

I breathe, deeply in, deeply out. The air circulates in me, dances along its way.
I regenerate, sense, feel, down to the smallest pore. The power throbs inside me, I let go of all that is old.
I blossom, unfold and grow beyond me. My heart begins to glow.
I wake up, reborn and discover my roots, my heart, my self.

I am. I can be.

I breathe

approx. 50 minutes | 95 Euro

For more vitality and a strong immune system. Breathing is inextricably linked to life force. The special massage with hyssop and fennel on the back and chest area opens and relaxes the airways and the massage of the intestines has a positive effect on the lungs. By inhaling cornflower, myrtle, elderflower and linden blossom, the airways are additionally cleaned and strengthened so that more oxygen can be absorbed and passed on.

I regenerate - Facial care

approx. 50 minutes | 90 Euro

Individual facial care for him and her. The synergy of long-term care of the skin and the deep-acting massage activates the skin to regenerate itself. This treatment includes: Scent compresses, cleansing, peeling, toning and calming, crystal massage, facial massage, serum, individual mask, deep relaxation and individual day care

I blossom - Facial care

approx. 50 minutes | 130 Euro

Individual facial care for him and her. A holistic treatment with selected herbs in combination with a special crystal massage technique bring the skin into balance and make it shine. This treatment includes: Scented compresses, cleansing, skin diagnostics, peeling, deep cleansing, hair removal of the upper lip, toning and calming, crystal massage, facial massage, serum, individual mask, deep relaxation and individual day care.


approx. 90 minutes | 159 Euro

We are talking about more than just a treatment! This true sensory experience combines relaxing movements with the latest anti-aging technologies. At the heart of the treatment is „1000 MILLE Le Masque Sublime Jeunesse“, a treatment mask with an innovative hydrogel texture that allows the TOP-CMG complex (truffle, gold and peptides) to distribute its active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, while giving you an incomparable feeling of freshness and well-being. Combined with a comprehensive massage of the face, neck and décolleté, it offers pure moments of relaxation for body and mind. At the end of this ritual, discover your perfected skin, enveloped in new youthfulness.


approx. 90 minutes | 169 Euro

A signature treatment, ideal for those of you who are looking for a treatment experience that respects your skin and gives both short- and long-term visible results. The treatment includes a relaxing cleansing, a regenerating massage, and the application of a self-warming modeling mask with cocoon effect. Active ingredients are personalized for all skin types and ages.

Maria Galland | SOIN D-TOX

approx. 30 minutes | 55 Euro

Experience our magical facial for all skin types with visible skin care results in just 30 minutes. This treatment includes a deep cleansing ritual of your skin that immediately removes dead skin cells, absorbs impurities, unclogs your pores and promotes cell renewal. Your skin can now breathe anew.

Maria Galland | SOIN HYDRA' GLOBAL

approx. 50 minutes | 88 Euro

This facial provides a boost of moisture and an instant freshness and energy. Dryness lines appear diminished, your skin looks plumper and fresh. It is radiant and full of new energy.

Maria Galland | SOIN LIFT' EXPERT

approx. 75 minutes | 139 Euro

Instant visible results with 100% manual remodeling of the face. Our magic, just the way you love it. The treatment instantly tightens and defines your facial contours and smoothes deeper wrinkles with its plumping action. It gives your face a firmer and sculpted look that makes the skin appear visibly younger.

Maria Galland | SOIN NUTRI' VITAL

approx. 50 minutes | 88 Euro

This soothing and pampering treatment envelops dry to very dry skin with a feeling of pure, nurturing well-being. Your skin is nourished, cared for, revitalized and is supple, velvety-soft and radiantly beautiful. We guarantee Unique, magical moments for your skin.


approx. 15 minutes | 25 Euro

A treatment dedicated to your delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the signs of aging and fatigue. Outstanding, proven results await you, thanks to 100% manual lymphatic drainage.


approx. 45 minutes | 55 Euro

A treatment dedicated to your delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the signs of aging and fatigue. Outstanding, proven results await you, thanks to 100% manual lymphatic drainage.

Glamorous Eyes

50 Min | 75 Euro

Our exclusive all-in-one treatment is specially designes to nourisch the beauty and health of your eye area and give you a youthful, radiant look with the powerful anti-aging properties of our Phyto Art products. Included in our offer are: Serum, high quality mask, eyebrow tinting and shaping, special eye cream.

Holistic lifting - Facial treatment

80 Min | 130 Euro

Well aged holistic facial treatment to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin naturally. The treatment includes different massage techniques that tone the skin and stimulate cell renewal, guaranteeing excellent results. The mask activates skin cells , promoting their regeneration, and increases the brightness of complexion. The two Well Age products containing hyaluronic acid, watercress and herbs reduce wrinkles effectively and lastingly, giving the skin a smooth and flawless texture.

Individual massage

approx. 50 minutes | 89 Euro

After a personal consultation, the massage is tailored to individual needs.

Swedish massage

approx. 50 minutes. | 85 Euro | 20 minutes | 45 Euro

Deep relaxation allows the body to regenerate naturally. Organs and muscles are better supplied with blood, the circulatory system and immune system are strengthened and all cells are supplied with new life energy.

Lymphatic stimulating massage

approx. 50 minutes | 85 Euro

The lymphatic flow is stimulated by gentle pumping movements, whereby the connective tissue is decongested, purged and cleaned. This has a positive effect on the entire organism.

Pregnancy massage

approx. 50 minutes | 85 Euro

Gentle touches with care for the mother-to-be. Water retention in the hands and feet is reduced, well-being and mental balance are improved.

Sports massage

50 Min | 105 Euro

Classic massage strokes in combination with toning, tapping and kneading strokes are used to massage specific muscle areas stressed by sports. This type of massage supports the regeneration of stressed muscles, relieves pain and improves mobility.

Journey into yourself

The journey to the Alps

Dreaming, we take one step at a time. Off the beaten path. Meadows and fields. With the scent of wild herbs in your nose, the refreshing patter of rain on your skin. With the fine mountain breeze in our hair and the alpine sun, which provides perfect warmth. You can feel Mother nature embracing you. Everything will work out just fine.

Phyto Art Honey Detox

approx. 75 minutes | 155 Euro

The aim of our detox treatment is to remove waste products and toxins from the connective tissues with the help of a high-quality honey treatment. Toxins and waste products disrupt the supply and limit the mobility of joints, intervertebral discs, ligaments and tendons.
This undersupply is reflected in sagging and brittle skin. The specific herbal mixture of birch, stinging nettle, yarrow, dandelion, etc. stimulates kidney, liver and intestinal activity and thereby supports the removal and elimination of waste products. The special salts regulate the acid-base balance in the body so that excess acid is counteracted. In addition, the magnesium massage improves fat metabolism, blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. This stimulates the energy metabolism and leads to more well being and vitality. This treatment is carried out from head to toe, because only with different stimulations of the different areas in the body can the organism be stimulated to optimum purification and detoxification.

Phyto Art silhouette

approx. 50 minutes | 105 Euro

The areas in the body where we find cellulite are treated with a special scraping technique, the fluoride blade, to increase blood circulation. Due to the increased blood circulation, more oxygen is transported to the cells and waste products are removed from the tissues. The active pack made of algae, elderberry, cornflower and yarrow stimulates the metabolism in the cells and supports their fat breakdown. The final massage with the Silhouette body lotion made from ivy and bearberry acts as an antioxidant and reaffirms the connective tissue.

Phyto Art Mountain Scrub

approx. 20 minutes | 48 Euro

The mountain salt provides the skin with minerals and trace elements that support the acid-base balance. The fine structure of the salt frees the skin from flakes and the skin-caring oil with rosehip and grapefruit reaffirms and smooths the connective tissue. An effective classic.

Phyto Art Herbs Scrub

approx. 20 minutes | 48 Euro

A gentle, skin-friendly herbal cream peeling for a fine, well looked after complexion. The finely ground grape pomace, mallow, marigold, nettle, horsetail and edelweiss in the emulsion free the skin from dead skin cells, provide it with nutrients and care for it over the long term.

Phyto Art Alpine Mud

50 Min | 80 Euro

Rediscover your skin beauty and relax completely. Our alpine mud pack with mineral salts and thermal water promotes skin health, improves circulation and tones tissues. Treatment includes: Gentle exfoliation or scrub about 20 minutes and a soothing mud wrap treatment of about 15 minutes.


The trip around the world

Far beyond all national borders we build bridges, join hands, make new bonds, satisfy longings. Sometimes we come back and see things with different eyes. Sometimes we stay away, and find our happiness where we never thought it possible. What gives depth to our lives is the deep connection with the world, all its zeitgeists and secretsthat hide there.

Ayurveda Alpine

approx. 75 minutes | 155 Euro

The well-established massage technique from Ayurveda in synergy with local oils characterises this special massage. The warm oil massage relaxes and revitalises the body, strengthens the immune system and ensures an even complexion. The high-quality oil mixture of hemp, apricot kernel, sunflower and wheat germ oil, which is rich in vitamins A-B-E, trace elements, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, is worked deep into the skin with stimulating and even strokes, where it can fully develop its health-promoting effect. Furthermore, vital points on the body are stimulated, which have a direct positive effect on the energy system.

Lomi Lomi Nui

approx. 75 minutes | 155 Euro

A real insider tip! The Lomi Lomi Nui massage has its origins in Hawaii, where it is used by priests and healers as they transition into a new phase of life. It is used for relaxation and helps people to open up new paths and to release tension and blockages. Flowing strokes are characteristic of this massage, which lead to a conscious perception of the body again.

Sound and Vibration

50 Min | 85 Euro

Sound bowls are placed on the body and struck. The sound waves reach the body via the cell fluid and relieve physical and mental tension. Since humans are made up of up to 70 percent water, this is a very deep massage and is excellent for stress and physical tension. The sounds and vibrations of the sound bowls achieve complete relaxation for body, soul and spirit.

Trip around the world

The Journey to Venus

Peculiarities. Charisma. Loving weaknesses. Individual facets. Things that define us, distinguish us from others. That shape, guide and steer our life. Step out of your cocoon and become a colourful butterfly …

“… though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well looked after hands

  • Manicure without nail polish
    approx. 35 minutes | 50 Euro
  • Manicure with nail polish and hand massage
    approx. 50 minutes | 60 Euro
  • Manicure with permanent nail polish and hand massage
    approx. 65 minutes | 80 Euro
Well looked after feet
  • Pedicure without nail polish
    approx. 50 minutes | 59 Euro
  • Pedicure with nail polish
    approx. 65 minutes | 75 Euro
  • Pedicure with permanent nail polish and foot massage
    approx. 80 minutes | 88 Euro
Hair removal
  • Whole leg with groin
    45 Euro
  • Whole leg without groin
    40 Euro
  • Half leg with groin
    40 Euro
  • Half leg without groin
    30 Euro
  • Groin
    25 Euro
  • Armpits
    25 Euro
  • Chest or back
    40 Euro
Care and make-up
  • Eyelash tinting
    25 Euro
  • Eyebrow tinting
    25 Euro
  • Regulating the eyebrows
    25 Euro