Wizard Magolix & His Friends

A Magical Saga …

Next to the “Brunnerlift” in Maranza there once was a guest house called “Brunnerhof”. One day, a family walked by and was amazed by the surrounding view. They saw the mountains from the Sciliar to the Baranci and from this moment they wished for nothing more than to settle here.

Pension Brunnenhof

Magolix, a wizard, heard their wish. As, for some time now, he was looking out for a family that could give a piece of magic back to this place.

Saga - Magolix in the forest

He reached for his magic wand and touched this wonderful place. But when he held up his magic wand and intended to swing, he noticed resistance in the ground. There were five big stones, which he had to remove at first.

Sage - Resistance

He touched them, lifted one after the other, and put them in a nearby field. Afterwards, he waved his magical wand and said: “Fa-mi-lia-mus fe-li-ci-tas!“, which means something like: Families, be happy here!

Saga - lifting stones

Again, he waved his wand for a big magical swing and cleverly blended the Hotel Familiamus – in the form of a glacier tongue – into the landscape. Magolix was very happy with his magical powers. And when he stood on the roof of the family hotel, he saw that the five stones were still lying in the field. So, he decided to place them in the garden. Therefore, he touched the first stone with his magical wand and named it …

Sage - Hotel magic


From now on, it was supposed to encourage everyone at Hotel Familiamus, to fulfil their potentials and grow from their strengths. He named the second stone …


This stone is supposed to remind everyone at Familiamus to be mindful with their selves, their fellow human beings, the animals and nature.

Courage / mindfulness


is what the third stone was named. It is supposed to remind everyone at Familiamus that everything you do with passion fulfils the heart and sets free energy for further actions. The third stone he gave the name


then, Magolix said: “Here at this magical place, people spend their great moments and live together as a big family.” The last stone he gave the name


and said: “This is the place where you can find yourself, recharge and let your energy flow. Take your time, find inner peace and trust yourself!”

Passion / attachment / serenity

After Magolix placed the stones in the garden and gave them their specific meanings, he scattered magical sand over the whole area – for their special luck effect. After that, he took his magical wand and placed five stars on the hotel roof. So that even in the dark the twinkling of the stars would remind everyone staying at the hotel of the special mission, on behalf of Magolix.

Sage - magic sand

As soon as the eye couldn’t see any stones anymore, the stars twinkled and sent the wish out to the world, over mountains and forests. From this day on, everyone staying at this magical place would experience their personal moment of happiness. The adventures of Magolix and his magical friends Owl Martha, Rat Ratti, Cat Luno, Toad Pokus, Bat Piepsi and the wizard apprentice Alvar are not over yet – how will they continue? Find out here at Familiamus …