Unforgettable memories and magical moments of happiness await you, with the eldest child included in the price!

All at a glance: The weekly program.   

-Children’s Gymnastics: the mom/dad/child gymnastics program trains the child’s coordination and motor skills. Interactive stations promise great fun for little elves.  Mom and/or dad provide the necessary safety. Bravely marching on the long bench or whizzing alone on the slide: little ones will feel really big here!  

-Music for Play: Colorful nursery rhymes, nimble fingerplays and fun children’s songs: making music together with mom and dad not only strengthens the bond, but also encourages children in what they do. Participate in Secret Santa music-making and learn magical verses and melodies to take home.   

-Bobby car tune-up class: wash and repair cars and then drive on our awesome bobby car track-each child’s heart (and maybe Mom and Dad’s, too) will beat faster.   

-Penguin: singing, dancing, laughing and swimming is not difficult, Penguin will show you how it’s done, out of the water please! Together with mom or dad, let’s do some great exercises in the pool.   

-Pelvic floor exercises: strengthen your inner center and consciously and actively focus on the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. Meanwhile, children are supervised by our animation team.   

-Even artists start small: some artwork is created in the painting studio and wood workshop! Let your imagination run wild…. 

Valid for booking from 08.05. to 18.05.2024

The offers are not cumulative.